IV Therapy Portland OR

Infusion Center

Providing comprehensive medical care

IV Therapy Services

As part of our commitment to comprehensive medical care, Northwest Gastroenterology Clinic offers intravenous (IV) infusion therapies in our convenient on-site Infusion Center. Our infusion center is located at our Westside Clinic (1130 NW 22nd Ave, Ste 410).

The relaxing atmosphere of our Infusion Center features comfortable recliners, free Wi-Fi connection, and fresh fruits and snacks.

Dedicated Infusion Team

Our infusion center is unique; with a dedicated, compassionate and highly trained registered nurse that works closely with your provider. We also have a dedicated billing staff member assigned to assisting our infusion patients with coordinating their benefits and working with drug manufacturers to find additional funding for our patients’ treatments.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our infusion center call us at 503-229-7137. See our Contact Page for more info.